Radionica: "Molecular and Phenotipic Evolution: theoretical and practical approaches"

Serbian Evolutionary Society and ESEB Global Training Initiative are proud to announce "Molecular and Phenotipic Evolution: theoretical and practical approaches" workshop that will be held in Petnica Science Center, Serbia from 3 - 10 June 2018.

The main goal of the workshop is to help postgraduate students to develop their research careers and improve conceptually‐driven research in evolutionary biology. The workshop aims to help young researchers from the wider Balkans region to connect, exchange their ideas and scientific results and further extend the European community of evolutionary biologists.

This workshop will cover wide range of topics including genome evolution, phylogenetic comparative methods, population genomics, evolutionary morphometry and phylogeny.

The maximum number of students for this workshop is 30, so candidates will go through selection process. Selected participants should pay only 30 Euros registration fee and travel arrangements to Belgrade. Their accommodation and food during this workshop will be free. Application deadline 25.03.2018.

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